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Clay Health Network, based in Cincinnati, OH, is a nationally certified MBE company, specializing in the distribution of the most advanced healthcare technologies to improve patient outcomes and lower healthcare cost. Our current focus is on personalized medicine and non-invasive cancer testing.

Our Story

Clay Health Network, established in 2016, came to fruition through our companies’ determination to provide access to high-quality healthcare technology, to all people and families nationwide. “Clay” is our namesake, “Health” is our motivation and “Network” consists of our capabilities and how we provide a premier product in personalized/precision medicine.

Our Belief

Our belief is innovation begins with viewing the world differently and having the ability to see around the corner, this is what our Pharmacogenomics product portfolio speaks to. By recognizing the problems in the world, we are determined to create helpful solutions that will improve patient treatment outcomes. We have dedicated team members and superior leadership who are passionate about making a difference and ensure the continued success of our clients.


Clay Health Network provides a comprehensive, personalized patient report applying superior non-invasive technology that gives healthcare providers a guided approach and dosage regimen for patients with a medical diagnosis in psychiatry, oncology, cardiology, pain management, urology, neurology, infectious disease and more. Applying Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) our Pharmacogenomics solution has 100% sensitivity and 100% specificity. Our validation is a direct comparison of data generated by Sanger sequencing.

Pharmacogenomics: Principles of Genomics & Introduction to Personalized Medicine

1.0 AMA CME Category 1 CreditTM

Jointly Provided by New York Medical College and Touro College of Pharmacy.